NEREO offers its deep understanding of the MVNO business and is in a position to help any MVNO candidate, regardless of its current business focus, in defining the most effective strategy to enter the mobile business.

The purpose of this module is twofold: to deliver an investment analysis of the MVNO which allows to our customer to make a decision about the business opportunity and to have a basis on which negotiate wholesale airtime conditions with selected operators:


NEREO undertakes negotiations with the mobile network operators (MNOs), defining alternative negotiating strategies and providing interim management services to its clients. We are experts in MVNOs expediting negotiations and pride ourselves on having achieved unmatched agreements with MNOs worldwide, getting the most convenient wholesale airtime conditions.

Regulatory support:

NEREO provides regulatory support to all its clients. We understand and interpret the regulations to help the client achieve its targeted goals and to align with the regulatory framework in the target market.

Launch activities:

NEREO offers its support during the launch activities. We have experience in setting up PMOs, assisting in MNP, interconnection and testing activities in-order to ensure the success of the launch.