Sales & Marketing

Our aim is to secure new opportunities for mobile operators with optimum returns and face potential threats well in advance, within each client’s framework.

Mobile operators need to be ahead of the changes on the demand side, pick out and implement those services that can add most value to their businesses in each market and foster specific strategies to spur voice and non-voice arpu growth.

Moreover, innovation is essential in designing effective customer retention campaigns and attractive pricing plans tailored to the needs of each segment. A central issue for mobile operators is accomplishing sales targets through a robust direct and indirect sales strategy. Mobile operators are continuously looking for ways to rationalise subscriber acquisition costs (sac), as well as optimise the performance of their channels through a variety of quick win and medium term initiatives.

NEREO can help mobile operators to develop and execute their sales and distribution strategies through a wide number of initiatives involving:

  • analysis of alternative and more cost effective distribution channels, redesign of the commission scheme to retailers,
  • partner selection and recruitment,
  • partner proposition development,
  • campaign management,
  • compelling pay plans and sales toolkits.