NEREO has wide-ranging experience in the TMT Sector helping clients across the world achieve their business goals:

Telecom Projects:

MVNO License Bid in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Telecom Regulator executed a process to grant three MVNO licences. Two leading conglomerates in Saudi Arabia wanted to get into the business and contracted NEREO to manage their bid process

NEREO’s role:

NEREO managed the MVNO License Bid Process end-to-end for its clients, applying its previous bid experience in Oman and experience with MVNOs across the world. As a part of the bid submission, we:

  • Identified and successfully incorporated one of the biggest telecom players in the world into the consortium, as the international MVNO partner
  • Built up the Business Proposal for the bid, which included the entry strategy, value proposition, product design, tariff design, marketing plan and HR organization of the MVNO
  • Developed the business model for the MVNO
  • Built up the Technical Proposal which included the operational process, the OSS and the BSS systems, customer-management modules and distribution plan
  • Reached a the Preliminary MVNO agreement with the Host MNOs
  • Successful submission of the license bid
  • A best-in-class application packet was prepared bringing to fore our extensive experience

Commercial and Technical Due-Diligence for a MVNO in Oman


Oman Brunei Investment Corporation,OBIC, one of the sovereign funds of Oman and Brunei, was evaluating an investment opportunity in one of the growing MVNOs in Oman, RENNA Mobile. NEREO was approached to assist OBIC in the transaction by conducting a thorough commercial and technical due-diligence of RENNA Mobile

NEREO’s role:

NEREO conducted the commercial and technical due-diligence bringing to the fore our diverse and extensive experience with MVNOs across the world. During the course of the commercial and technical due-diligence, we:

– Understood the Omani mobile market landscape and RENNA’s position in the same

– Reviewed and revised RENNA’s projections

– Reviewed and validated RENNA’s marketing plan

– Evaluated RENNA’s leadership and HR organisation

– Reviewed the operational processes

– Reviewed the technical architecture

– Reviewed the OSS and BSS systems

– Met and had extensive interactions with all of RENNA’s staff and partners


– We conducted an intensive and exhaustive due-diligence of RENNA Mobile to the satisfaction of the client

– Gaps in RENNA’s HR and distribution capabilities were highlighted

– Non-core business lines were highlighted and suggestions were made to only focus on the core business

Launching a retail MVNO in Central America


The Costa Rican mobile market was opening up in the year 2011. Two of the leading retailers in Costa Rica came together to launch a Full-MVNO on the incumbent mobile operator’s network to take advantage of their wide-spread distribution.

Our Role

NEREO was entrusted with launching a profitable MVNO business with a distinctive and successful value proposition for the target clients with minimum investment and low fixed costs. NEREO was responsible for end-to-end management of the project which included, but was not limited to:

  • Definition of the Entry Strategy
  • Definition of the Value Proposition to customers and the Host-MNO
  • Negotiations with the Host-MNO and closure of a best-in-class MVNO Agreement with the Host-MNO
  • RFQ process for the MVNO platform and the call-center
  • Evaluation and selection of the MVNO platform provider
  • Evaluation and selection of the call-center provider
  • Organisation’s HR planning and selection of resources
  • Developing the commercial strategy of the MVNO and its execution
  • Developing the marketing plan of the MVNO and its execution
  • Product design for the MVNO, including the tariff design
  • Definition of the operational processes and their implementation
  • Implemented a low-CAPEX outsourced model for all operations with only key departments managed inhouse
  • First-of-its-kind customer portal allowing users to manage their mobile service
  • Record time-to-market of 6 months for the MVNO
  • MVNO launched with over 450 stores and 3000 recharge points
  • Only mobile telecom operator in the region with home-delivery of SIM cards and connections
  • The MVNO, within a period of just three months since launch, had over 100,000 activations, in a country of just 5 million people

Develope Wholesale Strategy in Latam for a leading global MNO



A leading global MNO wanted to develop its wholesale strategy for the LATAM region, covering its operations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

Our role:

NEREO assisted the client in developing their wholesale strategy to lead the development of the MVNO market in the region by:

  • Defining the most appropriate business models
  • Reviewing wholesale pricing and MVNO models to be implemented
  • Identifying and starting negotiations with the strongest MVNO candidates in each country
  • Redefinition and development of the wholesale strategy
  • Redefinition of wholesale pricing levels for voice, sms & data services and MVNO model
  • Identification of MVNO candidates
  • MVNO agreements with candidates

Leading Colombian retailer
Develop wholesale strategy for an MNO in Colombia
Selection of MVNE Platform

A MVNO in Colombia contracted NEREO for the selection of a MVNE provider

NEREO’s role:

NEREO assisted the MVNO and undertook:

  • Identification of functional and business requirements for the selection of the MVNE platform
  • Analysis of integration with proprietary systems of the MVNO and the Host MNO
  • Preparation of RFP document

– Detailed RFP document for the MVNO

Evaluate new MVNO business in the US

Evaluate the opportunity for an MNO that was considering launching an MVNO in the US

NEREO’s role:

NEREO developed the Market entry strategy, including the initial negotiations with the potential MNOs. NEREO developed the distribution strategy, business model and the business case.

  • Preparation of Business Plan for the MVNO
  • Entry strategy for the MVNO to enter the US market


Launching a retail MVNO in Central America
Pre-launch Readiness

Pre-launch readiness assurance for  a colombian retailer about to launch a MVNO

NEREO’s role:

Revision of all Business process and identification of problem areas

Revision of Operating Model:

– Relation with the MNO

– Relation with the MVNE

– Support areas (Back Office, Customer Care)

Revision of Go-to-market Strategy:

– Sales Strategy (Commercial Roll-out)

– Customer Care

– Commercial Offer

Gap Identification, resolution and recommendation


-Redesign of Customer Care and back-office processes

-Recommendations on Go-to-market strategy

Assessing an MVNO/A business in Chile

Assist Netline in the set up of its MVNO/A business in Chile

NEREO’s role

NEREO assisted Netline in the negotiation process with the MNOs and the selection of the most appropriate network provider. NEREO also reviewed Netline’s market entry strategy as an MVNO


– MVNA Agreement closed with Host MNO

Turnaround Strategy for a mobile operator in Western Africa
Leading Mexican retailer entering the MVNO market

Develop MVNO offer for a leading Mexican retailer

NEREO’s role:

The retailer wanted to enter the MVNO market leveraging on its financial business and the knowledge it had developed about its customers. NEREO helped the client by:

– Defining their Market Entry Strategy

– Developing Business Case that bundled the mobile services and handset purchase with the financial services


– Development of Business Plan and Entry Strategy

– Board Approval for entry into the MVNO business

Entry Strategy for a Mobile VAS Operator

A leading Mobile Value Added Services player intends to partner with the Mobile Network Operator to launch one of the 1st Full MVNOs in the market. It intends to utilize its strong product portfolio to attract an underserved segment with tremendous potential.

Our Role:

NEREO helped the client in:

  • Business Planning development
  • Entry Strategy definition
  • Access Contract negotiation
  • MVNO Agreements
Outsourcing Strategy for a leading Fixed Operator

Fixed Operators are increasingly looking to optimize operations and extract maximum value out of them. One of the leading alternative fixed operators in Spain approached NEREO to devise an outsourcing strategy to reduce costs and improve operations.

Our Role:

NEREO extensively analysed the current operations of the fixed operator and compared them with global Best Practices and benchmarks. Based on the results of the analysis, NEREO:

  • Prepared a comprehensive change management plan
  • Identified areas to be outsourced and the benefits derived thereof
  • Defined vendor management requirements for the organization
  • Provided Global Best Practices to be implemented


Media Projects:

MVNO Strategy for a media house


One of the most recognized media houses in the world was studying the opportunity to monetize its proprietary content in Spain. It contracted NEREO to analyze the development of a an MVNO business  with a view to extracting maximum mileage out of its content repository

Our Role:

NEREO brought to table its broad expertise in assisting MVNOs. NEREO analyzed the state of the Spanish market and identified the various models that the media house could operate. This included:

  • Developing a 5-year Business Plan
  • Identifying synergies that could be exploited
  • Identifying the right partners
  • Negotiations with the MNOs
  • Sales and Distribution Strategies