Today’s competitive environment demands increasing operating efficiencies and minimizing revenue losses to retain more profit margins. Nereo has developed a number of strategies for minimizing the operators revenue leakage:

Value chain protection

This group of services address the practices, processes and procedures at all levels in the value  chain to ensure overall maximissed revenues. By this means, the operator can get the following benefits:

  Increase immediate cash-flow.

 Build a solid base for more complex and sophisticated technologies.

 Risk management by addressing issues related to understanding the full range of business  risk and dealing with them in the most effective way.

Business Process Outsourcing

 This strategy allows telecoms companies to focus on its core operations in order to achieve cost reduction and foster competitiveness.

 Nereo has defined key opportunities for mnos to improve their operations by means of specific projects which involve:

  • Process analysis and reengineering
  • Focus on core activities.
  • Outsource underperformed processes or certain areas of the company.
  • Process efficiency review and re-design processes in order to make them more cost efficient.

OPEX optimization:

  • Position against peers (benchmarking), by comparing your efficiency with other players in similar situation.
  • Quantify Expenses, get a better understanding where the money is spent.
  • Identify and quantify potential savings, in order to define and decide relevant action items to reduce expenses.